What is RAA?


Accounting authorities came into existence to reduce the number of bills, both issued by Service Providers and received by shipowners and which required extensive administrative effort to progress, e.g. identify calls, convert call charges invarious currencies and reconcile charges.

The accounting authority acts as a billing intermediary between the maritime mobile station and service providers.

Main Roles of a Radio Accounting Authority:

Obtaining payment of the collection charges for maritime mobile communications from the maritime mobile station.

Guaranteeing payment of the collection charges to the service providers for traffic originated by the maritime mobile station, ensuring that these payments are made in accordance with the ITU Regulations and Recommendation D.90.

Maintaining up-to-date and accurate records of the maritime mobile stations for which it has responsibility. Any change in status, shipowner if known, and termination/commencement of contract must be notified immediately to interested/regularly used service providers and to the Administration that licensed the maritime mobile station.

Source: ITU-T Recommendation D.90

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